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Invited Talks


A Survey of the Contributions of Bioinformatics to Data Mining

Isabelle Bichindaritz
University of Washington
Tacoma, USA



The field of bioinformatics shows a tremendous growth at the crossroads of biology, medicine, informatics, and computer science. Notably, the most cited papers within the field of computer science are in majority bioinformatics papers and the number of papers and citations in bioinformatics bypasses those in any other field of computer science. Therefore figures clearly demonstrate that today bioinformatics research is as a whole more productive than data mining research. However most bioinformatics research deals with forms of prediction, classification, model, tree, or network induction from data. This talk will survey the methods of bioinformatics pertinent as advances in data mining and highlight how these algorithms can potentially be applied to other domains of data mining. It will also propose future research directions in bioinformatics to which the field of data mining could make major contributions.



Isabelle Bichindaritz is an assistant professor at the University of Washington, Institute of Technology, Computing and Software Systems, in Tacoma, WA, USA since 2002, where she directs the Laboratory of Informatics and Artificial Intelligence. She holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Université René Descartes - Paris V (1994). Her research focuses on intelligent learning systems in biology and medicine, case-based reasoning, and data mining. She has served as Conference Chair at the International Conference on Case-based Reasoning (ICCBR) 2009 in Seattle and will serve as Program co-chair at ICCBR 2010. She has co-organized many workshops on Case-based Reasoning in the Health Sciences and on Data Mining in the Life Sciences. She has published over 90 scientific papers, has edited several journals special issues, and a book on Computational Intelligence in Healthcare.

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