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Comments from Participants of ICDM 2015, Hamburg, Germany

Prof. Frieder Witschel, School of Business, Olten Schweiz

The 15th Industrial Conference on Data Mining was held in Hamburg in July 2015; it was organised as a two-day conference with one track of oral presentations, a poster session and a final outlook into the challenges of Big Data given by Prof. Petra Perner.

The conference was characterised by a high quality of papers and presentations. What made the event particularly interesting and also unique - when compared to other data mining conferences - is the combination of scientific rigor of its papers and their high practical relevance: all work presented was embedded in real-word, challenging problems, but on the other hand, the papers met scientific standards in terms of novelty and validity. Another positive aspect of the conference is the diversity of the application areas that show a very broad range of possible applications of data mining, ranging from medicine over gold mining to marketing, security and recommender systems.

Given the diverse background and interests of participants, the event provided a great possibility to meet and network with interesting people and to learn from their very diverse experience. The rather small audience and the focus on a single track made the experience more intense (I actually enjoyed not having to choose between tracks and sometimes being forced to listen to new and surprising topics) and helped to quickly build a community and create a special atmosphere of a "data mining family". I would very much recommend the event to everyone who is interested to learn more about sound scientific approaches to fascinating and diverse real-world problems.

Prof. Frieder Witschel
School of Business
Olten Schweiz

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