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Comments from Participants of ICDM 2017, New York, USA

July 24th, 2017 - The ICDM2017 is over. It was a great success. People from 27 different countries countributed to it and presented their brand new research results.

The presentions of the work were impressive and the audience contributed a lot with very profound questions and remarks.

It was enspiring to the authors and participants and we hope you are coming back with your new work on the respective topics. Poeple enjoyed talking and discussing topics during the breaks with each other. During the poster session good presentations about the summary of the work have been given and people enjoyed the face-to-face discussion infront of the posters with the audience.

The tutorials were another inspiring occasion that have been taken by a large number of people. We recognized a tremendous increase of interest in the topics. That shows us that we have made further success in bringing these topics to the attention of researchers and practicioner. The participants have got a profound introduction into the area as well as a deep understanding of the different data mining techniques. Inspiring were also the lessons learnt from the different application areas that brought to the mind of the people what is necessary when doing data mining and knowledge discovery or case-based reasoning. The tutorial Intelligent image processing gave a deep insight in the different new methods that allow built real models for image processing, analysis and understanding. The tutorial Standardization showed once more how important it is to have automatic systems to come up with a good quality of the results.

The banquet was another occasion to meet people, get to know each other, chat around, get to know what are the news at the different places in the world, and exchange ideas in a more relaxed athomphere where you could enjoy real american hospitality and food.

The proceedings have been published by Springer and can be found under Advances of Data Mining with Applications and Theoretical Aspects,Industrial Conference, ICDM 2017, New York, NY, USA, July 12-16, 2017, Proceedings Editors: Perner, Petra (Ed.).

There will be a special issue of selected papers after the conference in each of the International Journals Transaction of Machine Learning and Data Mining, Transaction of Case-Based Reasoning, and Transaction of Mass Data Analysis of Signals and Images (

New York as well was a very inspiring place and people took the freedom to enjoyed seeing the city and its attraction as well as the surrounding cities of New York and their attractions after the conference.

The CALL FOR PAPERS is now open for 2018. The conference will be held in New York/USA again.

Please watch the website for the latest news.

Thank you all participants for taking ICDM 2017.

We are looking forward to welcome you in 2018.

Prof. Dr. Petra Perner

Chair of ICDM

Open discussion on the role/state of Deep Learning (DL) and Cognitive Computing (CC) at ICDM on July 13 2017. participants 10

  • Deep Learning: Lots of open source routines available freely on existing and frequent-new tweaks on DL methods, thus lowering the barrier to its use. Like all non-parametric methods, DL requires large amounts of data and long training periods. However, DL also suffers from lack of interpretability. Significant research ongoing in identifying where (datasets/situations) to apply which method including DL, although no clear answer yet.
  • Cognitive Computing (defined as associative-memory based computing): Requires a steep learning curve. No freely available SW/routines, although some companies do offer free trials. Overall, a higher barrier to usage. Good at finding info within available corpus, not necessarily predict new outcomes especially if not available in the existing corpus. Can be used for hypothesis testing, not hypothesis generation.
  • Dr. Vikas Sharma
    Intel Coorporation

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